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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 19, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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eames: the chinese should be happy to get that back. it's the only one of its kind. annie ming littleton was one of a kind. captioning sponsored by universal network television nbc and toyota. get the feeling. captioned by media access group at wgbh ( wolf howling )
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that. only on abc nice tonight, biggest white collar conviction in san francisco history. high-rise ripoff that sent a pair of swindlers to prison. the military does what it can to prevent another incident. also.... >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. cracking some showers. how long you will need the rain gear. >> and new home of the 49ers tonight. we break down the price tag for hosting the
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>> dan: here is a live look at sparkling el riville in the rain. hours before spring officially arrives, rain hits the bay area. good evening, i'm dan ashley. we definitely need the rain after abnormally dry winter but the question is will this make a difference? meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking the system to live doppler radar. >> unfortunately not enough to make a huge dent in our deficit but check out what we are seeing it is much needed moisture. the rainfall is widespread but now becoming more scattered in nature. we're still seeing some returns, light showers down to novato, lucas valley, san rafael and other parts of the bay area. san francisco, we are seeing a few showers heading down to
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south san francisco and bayshore boulevard. mission street, around linda mar boulevard and light returns. east bay, more widespread in the east bay, livermore, 580, san ramon valley, walnut creek, concord we're seeing showers around coweml road. south bay, showers are really starting to let up. spotty returns around sunnyvale and cupertino. i'll be back to let you know how much rain we'll receive and how long you'll need the umbrellas. >> dan: nice to get a little rain. move next to the tragedy in the nevada desert and the death of seven marines when a small mortar they were using exploded. a vigil was held tonight. [ "taps" playing ]
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>> dan: this took place at utah shorn army depot in nevada. abc news reporter has found out exactly what happened. >> the impact of the tragedy could be seen on the faces of the men and women who gathered to honor the seven marines killed and several others wounded in a military training accident. >> whether the call of our country was heard, these young marines answered. >> unit from the second marine division was in the middle of an exercise monday night at this army depot in hay thorn nevada firing mortars placed in firing tubes. in a flash, one of the rounds exploded early. >> a mortar exploded in mortar two. we don't know what caused the malfunction. >> several others all under the age of 30 were hospitalized.
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three with serious injuries. >> fire! >> the department of defense released this video of similar training conducted at the same military depot last year during daylight. but this team used 80 millimeter rounds, not the 60 millimeter rounds at the center of explosion. they have suspend of all 60 military meters mortars while the investigation continues. >> that tells me that something about this weapon, mechanically has gone wrong and marine corps believes it was not the fault of the marines. >> retired colonel says the focus is on the victims' families. investigators will treat the this accident like a crime scene recon stlukt go everything that led up to the explosion. >> dan: while president obama is keeping an eye on the marines' death and his thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones. president left tonight on the trip to the middle east, a
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diplomatic mission that includes his first ever visit to israel. white house says the advice it will be geared toward winning the hearts and minds of the israelis people and there will be no significant announcements on the peace process. >> these two men convict of biggest fraud case in san francisco were sentenced today. it involved one of the prime pieces of real estate. we first broke the story and vic lee has new developments that you'll see only on "abc 7 news". >> reporter: communications executive jay shaw and winston lum were convicted last fall for defrayed go their victims out of millions of dollars in real estate. a judge passed sentence. >> mr. shaw, sentenced to state prison to serve the term of 20 years. >> judge also ordered shaw to pay a fine of $14 million.
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codefendant got 13 years prison and $4.5 million fine. >> mr. shaw masterminded a scheme of fraud, lies and false identity. >> the biggest victim, shirley wong, they stole three condos from her. lum forged the deeds and transferred them to a shell corporation and took out millions of dollars of loans on the properties. date of his conviction he was out on bail of a million dollars. next day, he disappeared. shaw was later arrested in watsonville. >> there were serious criminals and were very sophisticated in what they did. this is almost good for a movie script. >> reporter: with the judge sentencing shaw to 20 years in state prison, this turned out to be the biggest white collar
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crime case in the history of the san francisco district attorney's office. >> dan: state investigators are reprimanding kaiser for mismanaging mental health services. they say they make patients wait excessively long periods of time and offers inaccurate information. the information came to light in a report released late yesterday. this matter now goes to the enforcement division. we'll see what happens from this point forward. >> a suspected bank robber who was mistakenly released from the contra costa jail is back in custody. they arrested him in vallejo this morning. he is suspected of a takeover style robbery at a mechanics bank in pinole earlier this month. we got a video of a car that went over an embankment in milpitas. a mother and daughter were in that car as it traveled along the road near the spring valley
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golf course. the mother lost control and the car slid into a ditch. the two were rescued and taken to the hospital. the conditions are not known at this time. >> dan: the santa clara city council is meeting tonight what could be a make or break decision to help win the superbowl. n.f.l. has made very big money demands. business and technology reporter david louie with a look at the numbers. >> reporter: santa clara already has a new 49er stadium but how it has to make big concession as a condition for the n.f.l. to consider it for the superbowl. the terms are tough and not likely negotiable. santa clara must waive the hotel tax on the 350 rooms they will occupy. it will waive the surcharge that goes to debt service on the new stadium and waive a 35 cent per ticket fee that funds programs along with a parking fee that
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recoups the city's cost for services. santa clara says it will get reimbursed for public safety excesses by the host committee. >> it was our intention to make sure that we walk away putting on a great show, doing a lot of work and making sure we come out whole in this process and being reimbursed for our efforts to make it a successful event. >> reporter: giving a hotel tax break isn't as bad. 350 looms are involved. at the rate is 14.25 translates into $5,000 loss per night, revenue that normally goes into the general fund. general manager at hilton santa clara says superbowl spending will more than off set that loss. >> the value and exposure we're going to get here and what is spent here in the time frame will more than make up for anything that is lost.
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>> reporter: he is planning a 140 room in addition to the hold with rooms overlooking the stadium at a premium rate. santa clara knows there is competition. miami is also biding. >> on a personal level i'm keeping on top of it. i think that because we're showing a regional effort here in the bay area, that sour key. >> reporter: in santa clara, david louie, "abc 7 news". >> dan: a health warning about a popular cholesterol drug. i'll have that story. plus, the street that is named for a world-renowned labor hero and lots of people want to change it. also selling used textbooks, today's ruling in a case brought by a california student. and... why an increasing number of elephant seal pupts are being treated
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>> terry: seal puping season is out on the marin coast. wayne freedman says the marine center is already carrying for a
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dozen pups. >> these are the utterances they make. at the marin mammal center, they have elephant seals this time of the year. >> if charles darwin coined the term of natural selection this would be the variation as give natural selection a chance. >> many cases, it's not a matter of natural selection at all. it's a matter of human interfering with the process of these animals. >> other way, it's puping season 19 seals are on the way and more in distress. >> this morning we picked up six animals. >> barbara coordinates the process, a challenging one based on the comments her staff has collected from would be rescuers. they are posted on the wall. >> he is digging his own grave. >> they put sand on their back.
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>> when they first come in they feed them through tubes placed in their stomachs. >> mom nurses them for 28 days on the beach and then she takes off. it's called a hard leave and babies have to figure out what to do from there. >> which leads to a process called fish school. in this case, sherry is teaching an elephant seal to chase and then eat herring. >> the animal needs to know this is what she interested in. right now he doesn't understand that. >> it does know when sherry finishes with him. she is an emergency room nurse in real life for humans. sherry is a patient woman until she hears a baited question. >> what do you say the herring people? >> we want 20,000 pounds, please. >> experts tell us if you do see one of these animals on the beach, do not go up and try to pet them. they are only cute until they bite you. call the marine animal center
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and they have 200 volunteers to assess the situation. >> dan: we have some health news. a warning for anyone, maybe you, who is taking statens to lower cholesterol. new study finds the drugs may be putting your kidneys at risk. researchers say cres tor, lipitor or zocor could face risk of kidney problems. people are advised to talk to the benefit versus the risk. >> in the meantime, a new form farm si policy, they are requiring workers to weight and glue close levels. they have until may to disclose the information. cvs says they wanted to improve employees' health. in san francisco, city
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supervisors are considering to change a street named for a nobel peace prize winner? >> lech walesa is in between the grove and hayes street. they are considering renaming the street because of homophobic comments named by its name sake. >> lech walesa street is one block alley near the city hall. when it was dedicated back in 1996 there was celebration with singer joan baez and others. they were honoring the founder of the solidarity labor movement in poland and nobel peace prize winner. but they want his name removed now after a prominent politician went on a rant on gays in the polish parliament saying they, quote, should sit in the back, even behind the wall. >> we started receiving calls and emails asking us if you
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would consider renaming lech walesa alley saying that san francisco is beacon for the lbg community. >> one of the main tenants is a transgender clinic. the name proposal will be vetted by several city agencies as well as the public. carolyn tyler, "abc 7 news". >> dan: in the meantime, an organization promoting peace is protesting a notoriously homophobic church in a colorful way. the nonprofit purchased a house directly across from the baptist church in kansas city and they did this, painted it with a rainbow pride flag. they are pushing an anti-bullying initiative. a spokesperson for the church says the paint makes a brighter spot on the message. let's turn back to the weather.
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meteorologist sandhya patel is here and finally some rain. >> last time we had measurable rain was back in march. i wish it was january so we would have chance of getting rain. it's been a couple weeks and it's raining and we'll see the rain through the night and in to tomorrow. we'll show you a live picture, at&t park where the world baseball classic has been going on. it's wet there. let's check out live doppler radar. we do have showers around pretty light. i'll take you closer to the north bay where you'll notice mill valley seeing light returns muir beach and tamalpais valley seeing light returns and sunset district, mission street and down towards south city, lighted rainfall heading into burlingame. really the lightness will continue in terms of the intensity of this system. livermore valley, you can see
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see around 580 it is wet. streets are going to continue to be wet. just how much rain have we received, not a whole lot. highest i could find was mountain view at .14. .. >> and half moon bay about two-hundredths of an inch with trace amounts in some areas. here is a live picture from high definition roof camera, embarcadero is wet. temperatures right now, 50 in san francisco. 52 degrees in san jose. as you look at the golden gate bridge, rain has let up but certainly will be turning slick again for the morning commute. 49 degrees right now in napa. hayward is reporting a temperature of 50 degrees. here is a look at what is coming. scattered showers and periods of rain for the first day of spring. it's going to be a windy pattern for thursday and friday, but we will dry out. here is a look at the storm. certainly a lot of moisture out ahead of it, not a lot reaching the ground. scattered showers will continue
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this evening heading into the wee hours of the morning and then we'll see the changes coming here. 11:00 p.m., a few showers around. then as you head into the start of the morning rush hour, some snow showers the north bay, parts of the east bay along the coast line here. cold front comes through we will see a narrow band at 11:00 a.m. of rain that will be pretty steady coming through, light and front falls apart. not a lot left other than a few showers behind the system. through 1:00 a.m. thursday, rainfall totals up to about an inch in the north bay, .2 in the central bay and .15 in the south bay so dropping off considerably as you head south. tomorrow morning, upper 40s to the mid-50s but make sure you grab your umbrella when you head out the door. temperatures in the afternoon, cooler, mid-50s to mid-60s. we'll see those scattered
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showers around. rain for geographer wednesday which is the first day of spring windy thursday, friday and turning a little milder. weap keel it for the coastline, saturday and sunday, low 70s and mid to upper 50s deost side. another shot of seeing some rain next tuesday. so hopefully see a better storm with that system. >> dan: running out of time. >> april, now we're stretching it. >> dan: still to come at 9:00, if you think you might have an illegal pot farm in your neighborhood but are not certain what to sniff for. plus, big change for the country's biggest seller of energy drinks. energy drinks. and the fame swell, well, well.n
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>> dan: a victory for ebay and costco. textbooks made abroad can be resold in united states without violating american copyright law. a student helped may pai his tuition that relatives bought in that i land. the public libbers lose any built to control what happens in their books after the first sale abroad. the decision offers legal protection to the estimated $60 billion market that books that resold online. publishers are not happy but justices say if you buy it you own it. >> some unexpected excitement when the mayor of kansas city,
9:29 pm
missouri delivered an address. >> results was five billion in investment. >> this man is talking about exactly [ bleep ]. >> dan: as you saw a protestor rushed the stage pushing the mayor away. he was hustled away. the former marine, he didn't even blink. he received applause and he didn't even flinch at all. remarkable. politics overseas and particularly in the ukraine. >> punches, hair pulling and choking when dozens of politicians from the two major parties got a into a fist of cuffs. it began with language used over in the chamber from fascist
9:30 pm
accusations and it descended into this hair pulling by grown men. >> one more note. mark sanford that admitted to an affair advance today an open congressional seat in south carolina. if he wins on april 2nd he will face elizabeth colbert bush, she is the older sister of steven colbert and director of business development and more in charleston, systematic sk. >> ever try to catch a cab in san francisco? what the city is doing to make it easier and taxi drivers are not happy at all. hundreds of thousands attend the pope's inaugural mass. how he broke from tradition today and the tradition that local nuns wish he would break. also ahead, iraq war vets on the tenth anniversary of the war and the obstacles that they still face today.
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>> dan: on the tenth anniversary on the invasion of iraq, a wave of bombings killing 65 people and wounding more than 200. the number of iraq and afghanistan veterans attending college is surging thanks to the g.i. bill following the september 2001 terror attacks. lyanne melendez looks at the city of college vets center. >> daniel was only 18 at the start of the iraq war. >> my eyes and everyone, all my battle buddies -- oh, my gosh,
9:35 pm
this is for real. >> more and more veterans like him are continuing to make the transition back to civilian life taking advantage of the educational benefits they've earned. the veterans resource center at city college of san francisco is a model for other colleges because of what it offers. the center has a study area with computers and a lounge, all thanks to a number of local benefactors. the trades union also worked on the site for free. servicing inclusive. department of veterans affair has a satellite office here. >> instead of having to go to take buses, wait to get an appointment, they can come here and see a counselor, make a medical appointment, talk to someone from the v.a. and find out next steps in how to proceed. >> for years veterans only had one room center in the basement of the administrative office. it's now upstairs on the third floor of cloud hall.
9:36 pm
football coach george rush was asked to spearhead the project three years ago. >> we need to get them in an appropriate place to recognize what they have done for our country, the men and women and make sure they get the appropriate services in the correct way. >> a veteran says people on the outside aren't always as understanding. they obviously think you are baby killer which is ridiculous. then, there is definitely a huge amount of support from not only the community but from the school and lots of the teachers on knowing that you are a veteran. >> we come here to study but we come here to talk about things. that is the best therapy. it's just to talk about it. >> on thursday the center will have a new name. it will now be called walter s. newman center. he served in world war ii. he was also a huge of veterans. at city college of san francisco lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news".
9:37 pm
>> dan: san jose soldiers who lost their lives in vietnam war will be honored with a memorial. they put the finishing touches on the monument at river park today. black granite memorial will honor the names of 142 soldiers that died in the war. group behind the monument bill it so that veterans and families know that their sacrifices will always be remembered. >> the guys that came back from the vietnam war are not recognized they are today. we want to make sure they get that recognition, that people understand that the men that went to fight and women that went to fight in that war did so for their country. >> dan: the monument will be officially dedicated and unveiled at noon on march 30th. >> pomp and pageantry in rome to welcome the new pope. ♪ ♪
9:38 pm
>> dan: 200,000 pilgrims crowded st. peter's square to catch a glimpse of pope fwran system. he repeated his themes of humility and selflessness. >> embraced with tender affection the whole of humanity especially the poorest, the weakest, the least important. >> dan: the pontiff is the first non-european pope to be elected in 1300 years. pope francis broke by tradition by riding in an open aired jeep. one challenge facing pope francis will be address a growing voice for a greater role of women. laura anthony on freedom order of nuns that has a huge stake in that future.
9:39 pm
whether or not like many bay area catholics, they watched with great interest as pope francis presided over the inaugural mass. for many of them, what pope francis brings to the church and the world was clear. >> the headlines tomorrow should say, we now have a pope that he takes an active stance presenting our beautiful world and beautiful universe. >> pope francis also appeared to be a man of the people especially those that can't take of themselves. >> the babies the infirm, just touching, you know, put in his body what st. francis is about. >> perhaps less clear, however, the pope will lead the church out of the painful chapters of the past. namely the sex scandals. >> it's good that it is being
9:40 pm
dealt with but it's not the only issue in the church. >> reporter: one area the sisters would like to see tackle greater leadership roles for women in the church. >> i would have liked to see more women involved in the mass today, but they weren't. >> i think women need to be recognized as intelligent, committed ministers in the church. >> for some sisters, the initial signs are hopeful, but they need more time to see for themselves what kind of pope the former cardinal from argentina will be. >> come back in three months. [ laughter ] >> dan: we have more to bring you, coffee may be the secret to a longer life but not just any coffee. that story is next. the need and call for more cabs on the street. a noisy confrontation at city hall
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>> dan: cab drivers packed a board meeting today. they say their incomes are being hurt by those unregulated car services springing up in the city and they don't want the city to put any taxis out on the street. mta feels there is need for more. heather ishimaru has the story. >> reporter: honking in solidarity, san francisco cab drivers circled city hall while they packed an mta board meeting. agenda originally included discussion about approving a few hundred more cabs on san francisco streets, but that item was put off until april. still, that is what angry drivers came to talk about.
9:45 pm
they say they can't get enough work as it is and their primary complaint is with the unregulated car service and ride sharing act popping up across the bay area. >> they are going to drive everybody into the ground. >> you might have seen the pink mustaches across the city. these are taxi alternatives and uber and side car. so far unregulated and therefore spared from the fees paid by cabs. state utilities commission wants to find if they can be regulated and by whom. taxi drivers wanted to decide about more cabs. >> i can't see how you can go forward at this point with any kind of a coherent decision until we know what is going to happen with uber and side car and lift. >> mlt a says with the unregulated services there appears there is a need for more
9:46 pm
cabs. >> base on information from our customers, we understand there is a need for more taxi service, more taxicabs on city streets. >> and side car says it is a ride sharing application, into the taxi company, meeting the needs of people that want more transportation options. heather ishimaru, "abc 7 news". >> dan: san francisco city attorney dennis herrara is stepping up a campaign against energy drinks. he is urging the fda to protect children from the dangers of those highly caffeinated drinks. deaths of 18 people are linked to the consumption of drinks made by monster and five hour energy and perhaps because of all the pressure, monster energy is making a change to its drinks now after a decade of selling it as dietary supplement, monster will be marketed as a beverage. that means it no longer will have to tell federal regulators
9:47 pm
about reports potentially link to go products deaths and injuries. on the subject of caffeine, researchers say a cup of greek coffee may be why the inhabitants a greek island live into their 90s. one of highest longevity rates anywhere. 87% drink boiled greek coffee every day and apparently approves the cells and blood vessels. boiled greek coffee is high in antioxidants but moderate amount of caffeine. that is helping them live longer. coming up next. just in time for independence just[ teen ] times are good,e aren't they, kids?
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>> dan: to fight the war on drugs, crime stoppers is going postal. crime fighting charity is mailing out leaflets to more than 200,000 rural homes in the dousmt help track down pot farms. they are scratch and sniff with the scented of cannabis. they tell homeowners to what to look for and smell for on their neighbor's property. >> statue of liberty is set to greet visitors following the cleanup of hurricane sandy. it will reopen on independence day. the storm caused major flooding to the island that statue of liberty sits on. liberty was spared from any damage. one last check on the forecast. sandhya patel is here. >> let's check out live doppler and how much and how long in just a moment. you'll notice the showers are
9:52 pm
starting to diminish here. we do still have wet roadways around the marin county area, tamalpais valley, you can see highway 101 and street level down to san francisco, daly city lake merced boulevard, south city and bayshore boulevard very light showers being reported and also out towards the oakland, alameda area across the bay bridge, 580 here. as i look at the high temperatures, scattered showers, cooler weather, mid 50s to low 60s. when all is said and done, up to an inch in the north bay, .4 in central bay and .05 in the south bay. rain will taper and showers will be wednesday evening and then we'll go for a dry forecast on thursday taking you right through the weekend. next tuesday we'll have another chance of rain. >> dan: larry beil is here. lot of basketball to talk about. >> good stuff. it's not enough, st. mary's had
9:53 pm
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>> dan: coming up at 11:00, a crouch kids goes on a march for fellow student. why he is being detained in another state. superbowl decision in santa clara, will they meet the n.f.l. demands in order to host the superbowl. those stories coming up on channel 7. it's march madness. >> yes, it is. the big tournament starts thursday, today we begin with the selection committee. doubted st. mary's deserved to be but they proved they could be competing against tennessee state. the steal and lays it in.
9:57 pm
gales up 24-10. villanova assisting, waldo and curry range from way out. they are up by 10. and stops and pops and he hit 5 threes in the game. marco had 16, less than 7 minutes to go. another 3. 67-54, gales win in dayton. they advance to round two where they will meet memphis on thursday in auburn hills, michigan. >> i didn't know if somebody had told me, our boys got conference next month. >> we're happy to get out of this first round with a win. we're looking forward to moving on. >> the early game today in
9:58 pm
dayton, 16th seed, north carolina and adrian thomas, score for liberty and lamont middleton and for the win! no! that is why they lost. 21 games of the regular season and they move on 73-72 and they will face top seed louisville. >> always an upset. cal bears would love to deliver one of those on thursday. they will face unlv playing in san jose. cal led by a alan crabbe has an n.b.a. skill set and could be the final game with the bears. sometimes he gets a little passive. and anthony bennett, freshman out of canada. cal doesn't have anybody to
9:59 pm
gashed him. then 25 points against cal and the win over in berkeley back in december. >> think he surprised us a little bit just with how good he was. you know it wasn't blow by, do this or do that. he just shot the ball in. very good shooter for a guy his size. he is the leaked point percentage guy. i would like to not have the ball all the time or have it where he wants it. easier said than done. >> lisa: stanford hosting their game --. >> larry:. he is okay. right now he is okay. 12 points and 13 rebounds and right there. stanford leading, i wish i could do that, 57-52 with three minutes in the opening opening round. >> bleacher seats for the world baseball classic were going over $150 apiece and then they failed to qualify for the semi
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